How to Fix Instagram 60 Seconds Story Not Working

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As of October 2021, Instagram was already developing longer stories. The good news is that stories more than 60 seconds will no longer be split up into sections. While the longer stories feature is being tested, it is not yet available to everyone. Only a select few users can upload 60-second stories.

In August 2022, Instagram rolled out the feature to more users. However, the feature was removed after a few days due to complaints from users. Despite this setback, we can still help you troubleshoot if you’re experiencing issues with the 60-second story update. In this guide, you’ll find out why the update may not be showing up or working properly, and how to fix it with confidence.

Why is the Instagram 60 seconds story not showing?

The Instagram 60-second story feature is not currently available as it has been temporarily removed by Instagram. It is being tested in certain countries and only a selected number of people have access to it.

Despite some users complaining about its removal on Twitter, it is typical for Instagram to test new features before releasing them globally. During this testing phase, it is not uncommon for Instagram to remove the feature indefinitely based on user engagement.

How to fix Instagram 60 seconds story not working

Are you having trouble with your Instagram 60 seconds story? Fret not, we have some solutions for you. Here are some ways you can fix the issue:

  1. Wait until the feature is rolled out to you.
  2. Download an older version of Instagram from Uptodown.
  3. Connect to a VPN where the feature is available (e.g., US, UK, Canada).
  4. Update Instagram to the latest version.
  5. Connect to a VPN where the feature is available (e.g., US, UK, Canada).

How to fix Instagram 60 seconds story not working

If you were able to upload 60-second stories previously but the feature is no longer available, it may mean that Instagram has removed the feature. Instagram rolled out the feature in August, but they removed it a few days later due to some issues. Many users complained about the removal on Twitter, but Instagram has not yet announced when the feature will be back.

In the meantime, you can wait until the feature is back or try connecting to a VPN where the feature is available. Remember to force close the Instagram app and reopen it after you’ve connected to a VPN.


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